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Mike & Nina @ MOKANSwing! Nov. 3-5

This place needs a bump anyhow, so I might as well play share and tell and share the event our university swing club is helping to put on.

November 3-5
With Mike Faltesek and Nina Gilkenson

Workshops, dances and more in the greater Kansas City area! Come Jump the State Line (and find out just what IS the matter with Kansas - a lot, but I'm allowed to say that, I live here!) Early bird registration opens August 20, and you’ll only have 13 days to get in on amazingly cheap prices!! 3 days with workshops, dances and late nights—only $50! Don’t miss out on your chance to register early! Early bird registration will close at midnight on August 31. Brought to you by the Kansas City Lindy Hop Society and KU Swing Society!

Check it out here:

Save the date!
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